Inglés B1

Inglés B1


Unit 1. Let me introduce myself 1.a Need for a change 1.b Just what i am looking for!!! 1.c Welcome to edinburgh. 1.d Getting to know my host family. Unit 2. Once upon a time 2.a A strange night 2.b The poets¿ corner 2.c Once upon a time in england 2.d The storyteller Unit 3. Enjoy your trip! 3.a What a difficult decision! 3.b Getting ready 3.c Destination: ireland 3.d *auld lang syne Unit 4. I haven't seen you for ages 4.a I¿ve never tried it before! 4.b Yummy, yummy! 4.c The bill, please 4.d Enjoy your meal! Unit 5. How can i help you? 5.a I¿m a shopaholic 5.b Shopping at harrods 5.c How can i help you? 5.d I want my money back Unit 6. I'm into new technology 6.a. I¿m a technophile 6.b My first day at work 6.c It¿s so exciting! 6.d I am the best candidate for that job! Unit 7. If i were in your shoes 7.a If i could, i would. 7.b I wish i could study at oxford! 7.c It¿s so exciting! 7.d Dear mr jones Unit 8. I'm not feeling a hundred per cent 8.a I need a rest! 8.b I feel under the weather! 8.c The honour of the knight 8.d Beyond words Unit 9. Farewell! 9.a The film is being shot 9.b Would you fancy a rom-com? 9.c Definitely! 9.d I¿ll miss you! Irregular verbs Listening transcripts Exercises key

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