Introduction to Corrosion Science

Introduction to Corrosion Science


This textbook is intended for a one-semester course in corrosion science at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. The approach is that of a physical chemist or materials scientist, and the text is geared toward students of chemistry, materials science, and engineering. This textbook should also be useful to practicing corrosion engineers or materials engineers who wish to enhance their understanding of the fundamental principles of corrosion science. It is assumed that the student or reader does not have a background in electrochemistry. However, the student or reader should have taken at least an undergraduate course in materials science or physical chemistry. More material is presented in the textbook than can be covered in a one-semester course, so the book is intended for both the classroom and as a source book for further use. This book grew out of classroom lectures which the author presented between 1982 and the present while a professorial lecturer at George Washington University, Washington, DC, where he organized and taught a graduate course on "Environmental Effects on Materials." Additional material has been provided by over 30 years of experience in corrosion research, largely at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC and also at the Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, PA and as a Robert A. Welch Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas. The text emphasizes basic principles of corrosion science which underpin extensions to practice.

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